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Weatherspan Carports

Weatherspan Carports are ideal structures for commercial, industrial and townhouse applications as they can be adapted to suit almost any installation requirement. We have developed over the years a unique, integrated, aluminium gutter/fascia/beam system available in 150mm and 205mm dimensions, thus eliminating the need for unsightly gutters and producing a definite “clean cut” appearance. Weatherspan Carports are available in “all aluminium” materials using IBR Aluminium roof sheeting or using IBR Polycarbonate translucent roof sheeting or IBR Colourbond roof sheeting. Support posts and structural beams/rafters are all powder coated aluminium, the dimensions used dictated by the structural requirements. On larger structures hot dipped galvanised steel support poles and beams/rafters may be required. These carports are professionally designed, manufactured and installed by us. Weatherspan Carports are built for durability and are available in a range of colours to suit any application. Weatherspan structures are usually used as patio covers, expanding the living/entertainment area or as walkways, storage areas or as a more durable carport.

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Additional features/accessories are available such as:-

* Side panel closures
* 3 Panel Aluminium Trim
* Custom made sizes to order
* A choice of roof sheeting


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