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Oriental Bamboo Blinds

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Oriental Bamboo Blinds

Oriental Bamboo Blinds are also referred to as Woven Bamboo Blinds or just Bamboo Blinds. Oriental Bamboo Blinds are a simple and effective blind choice adding a rustic, warm, classic and natural appearance to any room. Our blinds have a solid wood headrail incorporating the cord pulleys and lifting mechanism onto which the fabric of choice is attached. Oriental Bamboo Blinds are available in the traditional roll-up design or in the roman fold-up design both using multi-cords ensuring a smooth and durable operation. Oriental Bamboo Blinds are suitable for door openings and windows and are made to order. Fabric choices range from all imported woven round bamboo, woven flat bamboo, woven jute and special grasses to woven wood or combinations thereof and are available in many stained and painted colours.


Additional features/accessories are available such as:-

* face fix brackets
* a large choice of fabrics including block-outs
* décor valances
* a choice of control sides
* a choice of lifting designs


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