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Pyramid Shadeports

//Pyramid Shadeports

Pyramid Shadeports

Pyramid Shadeports are also often referred to as Pipe Perimetre Shadeports. These shadeports are the sturdiest shadeports manufactured and installed by us. They consist of heavy duty, galvanised steel uprights, galvanised steel diagonals and a galvanised steel tube perimeter. The diameter and thickness of the tubing depends on the structural requirements of the shadeport. The shadeport fabric is tensioned by “jacking” the centre of the structure up to a pre-determined height. Our structures are designed to withstand the harsh coastal weather. We have fully qualified installation teams servicing the Eastern Cape. Pyramid Shadeports are extremely adaptable and the most common uses both domestically and commercially are for carports/vehicle parking, walkways and recreation areas. These structures are recommended for areas subjected to high winds.

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A choice of UV protected shadecloth colours, densities and brands are available. Additional features/accessories are available such as:-

  • Protective side panels
  • Stepped in front support poles for easier access
  • Cross bracing to increase the strength of the structure
  • Custom made sizes to order
  • A modular system allowing shadeports to be connected “side by side” and/or “back to back”


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