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Paradis Awnings

Paradis Awnings

Weatherlok Aluminium Awnings are also often referred to as Classicline Awnings, Rigid/Fixed Aluminium Awnings and given different names for the various shapes/designs. Our Paradis Awning is a straight but sloping awning normally requiring support poles. These awnings are professionally designed, manufactured and installed by us. They consist of roll-formed, pre-coated aluminium panels that interlock in a lightweight, aluminium frame while still allowing airflow or for the awning to “breathe”. Weatherlok Awnings are built for durability and the pre-coated panels are available in a range of colours to suit any application. Paradis Awnings are usually used as patio covers over doors thus expanding the entertainment area and protecting it from the weather whilst also reducing the temperature inside from direct sunlight.


A wide choice of UV protected, pre-coated aluminium panels are available. Additional features/accessories are available such as:-

  • Various shapes available such as our Meridien or Paradis designs
  • Custom made sizes to order
  • Available with pole supports on larger projections/dimensions


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